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Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Fine Arts and Creativity site. Wisconsin students attending public schools have the opportunity to take part in fine arts throughout the state in the areas of: dance, media arts, music, theater, and visual arts. The fine arts areas are essential components of a solid education. The Wisconsin Education Standards j, k, and l promote the goal of providing quality experiences in music and visual arts within a student’s elementary school experience. In the middle and high schools, a variety of arts experiences are offered for the continued development of our student’s fine arts skills and knowledge.

The pursuit of creativity is another area in which we expand our learner’s opportunities in all content areas. Creativity offers an additional look at learning. Although creativity is housed with fine arts online, it is not exclusive to the arts. Creativity is something that can occur within all content areas. The page dedicated to Creativity has resources, research items, and examples of creative practices that enhance the overall educational development of the learners involved.

The Department of Public Instruction works to support artistic and creative development by:

  • disseminating the Wisconsin’s Model Academic standards for each of the arts areas.
  • providing professional development resources that highlight what students should know and be able to do, how to assess student knowledge, and what strategies will assist in supporting student growth in the arts.
  • promoting and supporting the curriculum guide for each arts area.
  • providing creativity resources that highlight the research, use, and reflection in learning practices for multiple content areas.
  • pursuing common goals with state and national professional education organizations, and
  • working to build a highly qualified workforce to support student learning in artistic and creative practices.

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For further information about Fine Arts and Creativity Education in Wisconsin, please follow the links available. If you have any questions or wish to share your ideas about arts and creativity education, please contact the Fine Arts and Creativity Education Consultant, Julie Palkowski (608) 261-7494.