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If we start training for sports at a young age, why not do the same with languages? Can you imagine if a high school quarterback had to start freshman year? It doesn’t make any sense.

                                                                                Student participant in Wisconsin’s First Global Youth Summit (2013)

 Wisconsin State Statutes require access to world language education beginning in grade 7. The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction strongly recommends beginning regular world language instruction as early as possible in the elementary grades. Instruction should be in the target language 90% of the time (ACTFL Recommendations) with a curriculum based on Wisconsin’s Model Academic Standards for Learning World Languages.

World language teaching and learning strengthens literacy skills through building the capacity to speak, listen, write and read in another language. The close alignment of World Language Standards and Common Core Standards provides a strong platform for including world language teachers in curriculum planning for other subject areas.

World language education is a strong component of international/global education. The new Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate requires a sequence of four years of learning a world language at a minimum. Strategies and initiatives in support of world language education programs are grounded in the larger effort to strengthen global education in Wisconsin’s schools. For more information on global education, see

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