All About the Middle School Listserv

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) has established a middle level education email discussion list called MiddleSchool. This list is open to educators throughout the state. Instructions on how to subscribe to this list are given below.

MiddleSchool is designed to facilitate interactive, electronic communication among the state's PK-16 education community.

The DPI will use this list to send out information related to education in middle school grades, such as:

  • routine correspondence including notices of meetings or position papers
  • updates on state and federal legislation
  • notices of major additions or changes on the DPI website
The MiddleSchool list also is intended to be used as a forum for Wisconsin educators to hold interactive discussions on middle level-related issues. MiddleSchool is an open, unmoderated list. Anyone associated with Wisconsin elementary, middle/junior high, high schools, postsecondary institutions, or PK-12 education organizations (e.g., CESAs, schools of education, other professional organizations) may subscribe. MiddleSchool also is open to educators in private schools.

Please note the SUBSCRIBE, SENDING A MESSAGE, and UNSUBSCRIBE information below for future reference.

Subscribing to MiddleSchool

  1. Click here to send an e-mail message.
  2. You will receive an email message requiring you to confirm your subscription by clicking on a link within the message.
  3. After following the above procedure, you will receive a return email message confirming your subscription to the MiddleSchool email list.

Sending an e-mail message to MiddleSchool

  1. Messages are sent to all list members by sending an email to MiddleSchool.
  2. Your message will then be sent to everyone subscribed to the MiddleSchool list.

Some guidelines for effective use by all MiddleSchool subscribers:

  1. Indicate the SUBJECT in the header.
  2. "Sign" the body of your message with your name, address/affiliation and e-mail address (since some e-mail systems do not display this in the header.) Most e-mail software allows you to create and save a "signature" which you can add automatically.
  3. If you want to reply to an individual and not the whole list, make sure that that person's e-mail address and not the listserv address is in the TO: field in the header of your reply.
  4. If you post a request for information and receive responses to you, individually, rather than via the whole list, it is appropriate and appreciated if you would post a summary of these responses to the whole list. This provides general professional awareness for all subscribers and may help avoid duplicate requests in the future.

Removing or Unsubscribing from the MiddleSchool

If you are UNsubscribing because your e-mail address is changing, please do it BEFORE your old address is deactivated!

  1. To unsubscribe from MiddleSchool, send an e-mail message by clicking here.
  2. After following the above procedure, you will receive a return email message confirming your removal from the MiddleSchool email list.

Please notify other educators about the MiddleSchool email discussion list.

If you have any problems or questions related to the MiddleSchool list, please contact:

Rebecca Vail, Director
Content and Learning Team
WI Department of Public Instruction
P.O. Box 7841, Madison WI 53707-7841
Email: Rebecca Vail

Kathy L. Jochman, Executive Coordinator
Wisconsin Association for Middle Level Education, Inc.
6908 Southwind Circle, Windsor WI 53598
E-mail: WAMLE

For questions about this information, contact Rebecca Vail or Kathy Jochman.